Travel Tools

World/country maps
One of the best sites to find maps, addresses or route

Health/ Institue for Tropical medicine

Federal Government
Foreign affair,Foreign trade and development, Travel advise, travel documents,…..

Rain and sunshine 
Weatherforecasts all over the world

The rising and setting of the sun and the moon  
Consult this site if you want to know when the sun and the moon are rising and setting at your traveldestination. 

A global world
Here you find the figures, objective and neutral facts about every country worldwide .The dialcodes,distances, official holidays, weatherforecasts and for those who use a hairdryer or a laptop .the current used in the different countries

local habits and cultural taboos
This site offers you a World view on the way of communication, in the basic as well as in the business contacts, such as dress code, gift ideas, taboos and further more