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On Friday, February 5 the time had finally come : the winner was announced in the offices of “De Persgroep NV” in Asse.

On arrival we were warmly welcomed by the organisation team of “the Female Entrepreneur of the Year”.

At 2 o’clock in the afternoon the fluent speaker Harry van Hest held a stimulating seminar on the ‘Chasing Away Customers Club’. In a playful manner situations, in which customers were treated in an unfriendly manner, were criticized and thanks to the bursts of laughter and hilarity in the room, the tension ebbed away. If you would like to read a few examples and/or you want to become a member of this Belgian Club, you can have a look at

After a coffee break (and something sweet to go along) Karel Van Eetvelt, manager of UNIZO, talked about the importance of entrepreneurship, especially in times of crisis. The current economic situation discourages a lot of people to start their own business. And yet especially entrepreneurs have to take the lead for a revival. Without them there is no economic growth, employment or prosperity. Again a very interesting statement by a very enthusiastic man.

About 3 hours later the award for female talent of enterprise is handed out by BNP Paribas Fortis. From over 50 subscriptions 4 businesses were selected by a jury of experts. In the last round the readers of NINA, the weekend magazine of ‘Het Laatste Nieuws’, were allowed to cast their vote.

Sandra and Axelle (Clear Consulting), Noëlla (Style Counsel), Gudrun (‘t Gaverhopke) and we were invited on the platform.... And the winner is..... Gudrun !

‘t Gaverhopke is brewing beer according to traditional methods, mainly for export to the United States, Japan and Taiwan. For more information : We had a chance to taste one of these nice beers (‘zingende Blondine’ meaning the singing blonde) and we have to agree that it is very tasty !

While enjoying a nice drink and snack together with the other finalists and our partners, relatives, friends we all looked back on a beautiful and enriching experience....

Once again a big thank you for the whole team of the ‘Persgroep’ and ‘BNP Paribas Fortis’ for this initiative and the excellent organisation, a warm thank you for all of you who supported us, for your sympathy and the many, many votes !!